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Axicon, September, 2017 -  Axicon is proud to announce the world's first portable verifier consisting of an Axicon linear verifier and your Android tablet or even your Android phone. This is a complete novelty in the verifier market and Axicon is again first to bring this to you and the market. All you need to do is go to the Play Store on or after September 20 and download the Axicon app. The software is free like all Axicon verifier software is free. Get it on Google Play

Hope Valley Industries, August, 2017 – Hope Valley Industries continues with modifications of ScanLink/IDM Company portable terminal programs. Current applications include Pick Orders, Inventory Counting and Physical Inventory. The addition of Order Pick Verification will be implemented to check on process accuracy.

Tomasello Winery, August, 2017 – ScanLink Corp./IDM Company finished the final phase of Tomasello’s Gold Card membership POS integration with its website sales information. Tomasello has access to customer Gold Card expiration dates and sales tracking from their stores and website.

Tomasello Winery, July, 2017 – ScanLink Corp./IDM Company roll out the update to Tomasello POS software to capture club member purchases at all 9 Tomasello stores.

Luminer Converting, May, 2017 – ScanLink Corp./IDM Company finishes up major YIC upgrade from Access 2003 to Access 2013 with Microsoft SQL Server. The software overhaul increased security, application speed, debugged old scripts and streamlined the user interface experience.

Tomasello Winery, May, 2017 – ScanLink Corp./IDM Company will be finalizing and training Tomasello Winery personnel on its Loyal Card program. The program will be merging customer web sales information from eWinery Solutions (registered trademark) with customer instore sales information for a powerful data mining resource. Identifying and merging customer buying habits will allow Tomasello Winery to offer a more targeted marketing/rewards approach to its most loyal clients.

ScanLink Corp. February, 2017 – ScanLink Corp. began introducing the EXQual System for the pipeline industry. The system is comprised of 2 software solutions, EQ Premium and EQ Verify, for the field service and data collection of pipeline material, construction tracking and related information required by PHMSA. The backbone of each solution is the use of photo verification in conjunction with proven automated data collection processes. The Exqual System also has application in the areas of property and construction management market segments.

Tomasello Winery January, 2017 – Tomasello Winery plans to move forward with a customer Loyalty Card program to be developed by ScanLink/IDM Company. The program will integrate information from Tomasello’ s web based shopping cart and ScanLink’ s ITSS/POS solution which is installed at 4 Tomasello Winery store locations in New Jersey.


ScanLink Corp., November 1, 2016 – ScanLink Corp. will be attending the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce presentation “Fueling a Downstream Economy”. A tabletop presentation will be available for the introduction to attendees of the EQ Premium solution for the oil and gas industry.

Gil’s Wholesale, October, 2016 – ScanLink/IDM Company completed and installed multiple upgrades/changes to Gil’s Wholesale software in the areas salesman commissioning, PMStars Tobacco Reporting. The addition of EDI for Sunoco customers and major modifications to accommodate Pennsylvania’s new tobacco tax (OTP).

ExQual, September 2016 – ScanLink Corp. will be introducing the EQ series of software and hardware data collection solutions serving the construction, gas and oil industry. EQ Premium, EQ Verify, EQ Verify-Pro, and EQ Build.

EQ Premium is a comprehensive software solution that provides complete materials tracking from the manufacturing facility to the installation site. Confirms and verifies all MTR, COC documents on materials and provides GPS and photo verification at each step of the process.

EQ Verify is a smartphone application that provides 4 category selection/conditions, watermarked Photo with GPS, user data and date time stamp for tracking extra unit items or other activities that need photo verifiable tracking. Photo data is sent either SMS, Email or FTP.
EQ Verify – Pro is a back end photo management database that acts as a gateway to file, report and search the photos that are sent from the EQ Verify smartphone application. (Currently in beta testing)

EQ Build focuses on the facility construction process. Each facility design consists of schematics of sections that are assembled. Each schematic has a bill of materials with assigned locations on the schematic. EQ Build allows for tracking the assembly and materials use together. Better reporting, confirmed that all material was placed into the proper location. All photo verified. (Currently in beta testing.)

ExQaul, August 2016 – ExQual in partnership with ScanLink Corp. have focused efforts on developing cost effective, verifiable data collection processes to serve the oil and gas industry. Understanding the amount of time, man power, and money that is spent in answering the questions concerning regulations surrounding the energy industry. ScanLink and ExQual LLC will be introducing a series of solutions that provide construction, survey and audit companies the tools to capture the information accurately and deliver it quickly in a coherent, organized fashion.

Luminer Converting, July, 2016 - ScanLink/IDM Company add Work In Progress data collection application to Luminer Converting’s YIC ERP system. The WIP application allows Luminer to track the progress of the production order and materials.

Philly Shipyard, June 2016 – ScanLink/IDM Company expanded the ability of the ITSS plate tracking software to import specific files format of suppliers pre shipment information. Changes to the receiving process have allow Philly Shipyard to receive pre primed plate in a one-step operation.

ScanLink Corp. , May, 2016 – ScanLink Corp. becomes a member of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce with a focus on the Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Team’s drive to create an energy hub.


UA-ITA, July, 2015 - ScanLink/IDM Company awarded inventory asset tracking software contract for UA-ITF warehousing and training classes.

Polykote, June, 2015 - Scanlink/IDM Company installs the PTSS purchasing, warehouse receiving modules at the Polykote facility. Training of users and testing of the wireless portable data terminals kick off the additional features of labeling incoming raw material inventory and tracking inventory through its production lifecycle.

Exqual, March 2015 - Exqual LLC. completes a beta site test of its Exqual pipeline installation and verification software solutions that ScanLink/IDM Company developed. A robust cloud based software solution that uses one device to perform many functions that currently require 3 to 4. Picture verification is a major component of this software.

Garden Shoppe, March 2015 - Garden Shoppe initiates its new POS software and scanning system. Using wireless networking for their 2 POS computers with a single integrated produce weight scale for produce transactions. The final addition to the upgrade is a mobile order system application on their Janam portable data collection terminals.

Polykote, January, 2015 - Scanlink/IDM Company receives the ok to add its PTSS purchasing and warehouse receiving modules to Polykote's existing production and labeling modules within PTSS.


Axicon - Scanlink Corp. continues to supply Axicon Linear and 2 D verification solutions to L'Oreal and its suppliers.

Exqual, October 2014 - Exqual LLC. has partnered with ScanLink/IDM Company to develop a tracking application utilizing barcode and RFID tags. Beta testing of the application will be later this month.

Polykote, September 2014 - Scanlink/IDM Company are in discussions with Polykote to expand the Production Tracking Software Solution implemented in January.

Garden Shoppe, July 2014 - ScanLink/IDM Company receive order for adding ITSS POS module to the existing ITSS inventory solution. This addition of the Point of Sale module will come with additional functions for weight scale capture, credit/debit cards and mobile POS order creation.

Polykote Corp., January, 2014 - Polykote places order for Scanlink/IDM Company's PTSS production software solutions. Polykote is a custom label coating, laminating and converting business. The PTSS system will be modified to address order entry requirements and product labeling of finished roll products.


Luminer Converting Group, December, 2013 - Luminer Converting Group issues purchase order to ScanLink/IDM Company to begin upgrade and conversation of existing MS Access 2003 business software to SQL database. The upgrade will bring MS Access to 2010 version, the upgrade includes server components and MS Exchange server hosting.

Treasures Forever, December, 2013 - Treasures Forever agrees to upgrade of its ITSS/POS inventory and point of sale software. The upgrade includes transition to dBase version 8, addition of ITScript portal data collection software application and purchase of new Cipher Labs data terminal.

Athena Controls August, 2013 – Athena Controls orders upgrade to ScanLink/IDM's existing barcode printing solutions with the Win Man business software. Upgrade to printers and new flexibile label formats will be designed to meet changing label requirements.

Hope Valley Industries August, 2013 – ScanLink/IDM recieves contract to develop Order Picking and Inventory Count portable data terminal applications. Information collected is used with the MASS 90 business accounting software.

Tomasello Winery July, 2013 – ScanLink/IDM will be adding e-mail capture to Tomasello Wineries ITSS/POS check out process. The information will be processed for sending e-mails about their products and services.


Luminer Converting, June, 2012 – ScanLink/IDM delivers Luminer Converting’s web portal for customer access to orders, order status, and production progress.

Luminer Converting, Mar. 2012 – Luminer Converting contracts ScanLink/IDM to create and host a web portal allowing customers to view orders, production dates and artwork approval dates.

Aker Philadelphia Shipyard, March 2012 – ScanLink/IDM Company receive purchase order to move forward with a complete upgrade of hardware and software utilized in Arkers APSI plate priming services. The 10 year old system will be upgraded with added features to run the process and give greater visibility of material going through the priming and cutting procedures.

Wounded Warrior Sports, Feb. 2012 – ScanLink/IDM Company installed its Asset Tracking Software Solution (ATSS) at the Wounded Warriors Sport location at NBVC in California. The installation of the software will allow for greater accountability of the specialized sports equipment for troops who participate in various events throughout the year.


Surfbuggy Beach Rentals, July 2011 – ScanLink/IDM Company added the second phase of the RTSS software for Surfbuggy Beach Rental to include automated email notification of customer orders. The new feature is aimed to improve custom service and reduce customer calls for order status. The recent upgrade to the RTSS portable data terminal software and data processing in June has “resulted in a 50% increase in back office productivity for order handling and customer response”, according to Surfbuggy owner Niclas Elmer.

Surfbuggy Beach Rentals, June 2011 – ScanLink/Idm Company completed the first phase of portable data terminal upgrade to Z-Space Itscriptnet platform. Surfbuggy is utilizing the ITScriptnet Omni service installed on a cloud server to deliver more real time data transactions to the main reservation system. The GSM/GPRS enabled terminals give the user complete delivery and pickup information along with scanning of rental assets during the process. The result of the upgrade reduced time for completing orders and better customer service.

Tomasello Winery, June 2011 – ScanLink/IDM company completes and installs upgrade to Tomasello Winery ITSS/POS software. The upgrade added a new feature for gift card issuing and processing. New reporting and security functions were added as well.

Pennsylvania State Police, Mar. 2011 – ScanLink/IDM Company complete final installation and training for Pennsylvania State Police asset tracking and inventory software.

Surf Buggy Rentals, Mar. 2011 –ScanLink/IDM Company receive the go ahead for upgrading the wide area network applications to its RTSS rental software portable data terminals. ITScript Omni will become the gateway to the RTSS main server and Surf Buggy delivery personnel in the field. Implementing in May

ARINC, Mar. 2011 –ARINC pursues changes to EITSS software to be compliant with PBUSE XML data interchange and to update portable data terminals with ITSCRIPTNET data collection forms enhancements.

Tomasello Winery, Jan. 2011 –Tomasello Winery orders a gift card module for its ITSS/POS software application.


Pennsylvania State Police, Nov. 2010 – Pennsylvania State Police places order to begin development for a asset handling, inventory tracking software solution.

Luminer Converting, August 2010 - ScanLink/IDM Company install updates to Luminer Converting warehouse portable terminal software. Automating Luminer's pallet tagging and warehouse data collection processes.

ScanLink/IDM, Aug. 2010 – ScanLink/IDM Company released patches to its Equipment Issuing and Tracking Software Solution (EITSS ver 2.1). Patch adds the capability of producing Form 2062 for accessories issued. The patch also allows for easier issuing of accessories during the issue process. EITSS now produces forms 1348, 2062, 1149, 3161 as well as interfacing into the military PBUSE inventory system.

Pennsylvania State Police, June 2010 – Pennsylvania State Police select ScanLink/IDM Company to supply software inventory asset tracking and issuing software solution for radio equipment.

ScanLink/IDM, Mar. 2010 – ScanLink/IDM Company receive Certificate of Networthiness (CON) from the Army for its EITSS software solution.

ScanLink/IDM Company, May 10 - ScanLink/IDM Company are adding two new software and barcode technology solutions to its suite of business solution product offerings. Equipment Issuing and Tracking Software Solution (EITSS) and Pickup/Delivery Tracking Software System (PDTSS)

Luminer Converting, May 10 - Luminer Converting purchases upgrade option to wireless software and hardware solution for Inventory Tracking Software Solution (TSS).

Corrugated Metals Apr. 10 - Corrugated Metals orders modification to Production Tracking Software Solution (PTSS) purchase order module.

ScanLink/IDM Company, Mar 10 - ScanLink/IDM Company receives Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) this establishes EITSS as an approved application for Army networks and business processes.

Griffin Medical Products, Mar. 10 - Griffin Medical moves one step closer to full operation of ScanLink/IDM Companies Production Tracking Software Solution (PTSS) with the installation of the production line scanning and pallet labeling module.

Mid-Lantic Labeling and Packaging, Feb 10 - Mid-Lantic receives completed software for Produce Traceability, the 2 part solution allows for tracking packaging identification to the growers as well as offering a simple data capture process for the growers to identify the products placed in the packaging.


Tomasello Winery, Dec. 09 - Tomasello Winery gives the green light to upgrade ScanLink/IDM Company ITSS/POS software and enhance the data transmission from its’ store locations to Tomsello’s main information server.

Gil’s Wholesale, Aug. 09 - Gil’s Wholesale completes version upgrade of WTSS package and adds EDI functionality to 7 Eleven payment system.

ARINC, May 09 - ScanLink/IDM Company install additional features to EITSS – Equipment Issuing Tracking Software Solution, the main feature added to EITSS was transferring data via an xml format to the Army’s Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE).

Mid-Lantic Labeling and Packaging, Mar 09 - Mid-Lantic receives the first test software of GPTSS (Grower Produce Tracking Software Solution) to meet Produce Traceability Initiative requirements. The software was developed to enhance the ease of collecting package information for farmers (Growers) and label suppliers to the agricultural sector

Blue Angels, Feb 09 - The U. S. Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels) orders and installs ITSS with modifications for using 2 D Data Matrix inventory identification symbologies.

TRICO, Feb 09 - TRICO, a Tennessee state agency, orders and installs ITSS software and Honeywell 6100 portable data terminal to automate its furniture inventory and warehousing operations.

Corrugated Metals, Inc., Jan 09 - Corrugated Metals, Inc. (CMI) installs and trains on ScanLink/IDM Company’s Production Tracking Software System (PTSS).

ScanLink/IDM 09 - ScanLink Corp. and IDM Company adds Wholesale Tracking Software Solution (WTSS) to its suite of data collection and business software solutions.


Corrugated Metals, Inc., Dec. 08 - Corrugated Metals, Inc. (CMI) places order for ScanLink/IDM Companyies Production Tracking Software System (PTSS) to automate inventory tracking and items levels through the production process.

PNK Wholesale, August 08 - PNK Wholesale buys IDM Companies WTSS Wholesale Tracking Software Solution to run its expanding wholesale business. WTSS offers PNK the ability to report Multicat sales and in the future communicate EDI information to its customers.

Fast Track Delivery Services, August 08 - Fast Track Delivery Services selects ScanLink/IDM Company to provide a delivery service software solution for tracking of delivery transactions and customer web based pick up request.

Surfbuggy Centers, July 08 - Surfbuggy Centers contracts ScanLink/IDM Company for additional modifications of its RITS software to automate its offsite daily rental sales facilities.

ARINC. June 08 - Arinc begins discussions with ScanLink/IDM Company on modifications to its EITSS issuing programs to pass inventory information/activity to PBUSE software application.

Luminer Converting Group, Jan. 08 - Luminer Converting Group contracts IDM company to install ITSS at its York, Pennsylvania plant. Luminer has also begun development of supplier compliant labeling program utlizing Two Dimensional symbologies.


ISUS – ISUS begins implementing of IDM Companies ITSS - Inventory Tracking Software Solution to manage its home building production process. Oct. 07

Lil – Lil installs IDM Company RITSS - Rental Inventory Software Solution to management it rental reservation and service business. Aug. 07

Luminer Converting Group – Luminer Converting Group contracts IDM company to begin modifying Access Business Pro Software (formally Yes I Can) to meet specific data job tracking and reporting requirements. Jan. 07


Copeland Brothers Inc., Dec. 06 – Copeland Brothers Inc. places order for Phase I of ITSS software to manage their inventory and order tracking requirements.

ARINC., Sept. 06 – ARINC contracts ScanLink/IDM for additional software and data collection process.

Griffin Medical Products, March 06 – Griffin Medical Products begins implementation of ScanLink Corp. and IDM Company's ITSS – Production Software Solution.

Parron Hall, March 06 – Parron Hall Office Interiors goes live with IDM Company ITSS RF solution with custom data interface to Throughbred Business Software.

Luminer Converting Group, Jan. 06 – Luminer Converting Group goes with IDM portable and data management solution for inventory tracking, raw material labeling and usage.

TSC, Jan. 06 – TSC Orders ATSS with modifications to keep track of network and computer equipment.


Smithsonian Horticultural Dept., Sept. 05 – Smithsonian Horticultural Dept. to use a modification of the now released ATSS – Asset Tracking Software System to label and track over 10,000 Orchids in its collection.

Griffin Medical Products, July 05 – Griffin Medical Products selects ScanLink Corp. and IDM Company to modernize their manufacturing and ERP system with customized ITSS – Production Software Solution.

Frostburg State University, July 05 – Frostburg University installs complete ATSS – Asset Tracking Software System.

ISUS, May 05 – ISUS installs IDM Companies ATSS - Asset Tracking Software Solution

Surfbuggy Centers, Apr. 05 – Surfbuggy Centers contracts ScanLink/IDM Company to develop a rental reservation software solution utilizing GPRS Portable Data Terminals to reduce paperwork and control rental assets.

ARINC, Apr. 05 –ARINC, a world leader in transportation communications and Systems Engineering, places contract for a custom data and mobile computing application with IDM Company.