Your software should work for you, instead of you working for your software. See recent examples of ScanLink solutions in action.

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Welcome to ScanLink

ScanLink Corp. is a provider of software and bar code-based technology solutions designed to provide logical and practical solutions to customer’s requirements. Clients from various industries have utilized our experience in providing cost effective, one source solutions to their business needs.

Our inventory tracking, asset tracking, and production software solutions are helping companies increase productivity and reduce expenses in the rental and delivery, warehouse, wholesale, government, healthcare, distribution, and manufacturing industries.

ScanLink’s established relationships with the major hardware and software providers coupled with hours of onsite implementation have allowed us to provide quick and accurate site planning and implementation solutions to small to medium sized companies. These relationships help to meet the service needs and response demanded in today’s business environment.

Consulting services, integration, and successful implementation of our software and hardware solutions is the primary goal of ScanLink Corp

Celebrating our 26th year of providing software and bar code based technology solutions to our customers